the regsol case

Until recently, Belgian insolvency files were handled on paper. All parties involved in the legal handling of insolvency files (such as bankruptcies, judicial reorganisation procedures,...) had to go through the registry of the court of commerce to access and provide information on a given file.

Since 2017, the process - from the first decision to the last signature - has been digitized by Aginco on behalf the Belgian bar associations. They constitute the administration of the central solvency register, RegSol. The Belgian bar associations selected Aginco to build RegSol by customizing our RAE building blocks for the specific stakeholders. consists of a private and a public section, so courts, as well as citizens and companies can access it.

Each stakeholder is assigned a set of tasks, according to their role. And each case follows a complex and multi-forked path from commencement to completion. RegSol notifies stakeholders to take action at the appropriate time, clarifies formal language for the layman, and flags irregularities to law enforcement bodies.

The Central Solvency Register has transformed insolvency procedures, boosting security, transparency and efficiency. RAE provides a significant reduction in time and costs, and lightens the workload of all parties involved.

The Aginco team was deeply involved in the analysis, design and building of the RegSol platform. For instance, we support the helpdesk and provide all training for professional stakeholders such as lawyers, magistrates, court registrars and creditors.