IT company Aginco joins the Cronos Group

Ghent, 6 May 2024 — Aginco, the Belgian expert in the digitization of legal and administrative processes, joins ICT integrator the Cronos Group.

Aginco (in full AGILE INCUBATION COMPANY) specialises in the digitisation of complex administrative or legal procedures, such as insolvency files or the management of licences and certificates. With the RAE platform developed in-house, it can build secure, fast and intuitive cloud platforms tailored to any type of procedure and user. The Central Register of Solvency, or RegSol for short, which is managed by the Orde van Vlaamse Balies (OVB) and the Ordre des Barreaux Francophones et Germanophone (OBFG) is the most well-known application.

Until Regsol’s launch, Belgian insolvency files, such as bankruptcies and reorganisations, only existed on paper. Parties involved, including creditors, interested parties and administrations, often only had access by physically inspecting those files at the business courts.

Aginco developed RegSol in 2017 on behalf of the Belgian Bar Associations, digitizing the entire procedure, from the first judgment to the last signature. RegSol became a success story. Not only because Belgium took an important step in the digitalisation of its own Justice, but also because it became a frontrunner within the EU. Indeed, no other EU Member State has a fully digital central insolvency register, accessible to courts, citizens and businesses alike.

Recently, Justrestart was also built based on the same platform on behalf of the Belgian Bar Associations, the new digital platform for the management, follow-up and handling of collective debt settlement procedures. JustRestart offers all actors (debtor, creditors, magistrates, court clerk and debt mediator) a tool to digitally monitor and process collective debt settlement files. An example of how technology can contribute to the protection of vulnerable people.

In Cronos, Aginco takes on board an experienced partner to help it accelerate its ambitious plans for the future. The Cronos Group is Belgium's largest independent tech services company with a turnover of around 1.3 billion euros and around 9,000 employees. As a holding company, it oversees almost 600 companies and thus forms an incubator for ambitious start-ups, a laboratory for new technology and a hotbed for entrepreneurial talent. In addition to its traditional IT services, the Cronos Group is also innovating in areas such as digital marketing, game development, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and the metaverse.

Aginco's management team will remain unchanged and will also remain on board as a co-shareholder. Ann De Jaeger, co-founder and CEO is enthusiastic about the collaboration: "We notice a growing demand both in Belgium and in Europe for digitization of complex legal and administrative processes, in order to speed up turnaround time and offer more transparency to all involved. We are convinced that with the help of Cronos we can also establish our success story in Europe. Moreover, in Cronos we find a strong partner with a unique ecosystem in which we can maintain our innovative and dynamic culture."

Sam Bambust, Cronos Group CEO: "Aginco and Cronos share the ambition to make Belgium a European leader in the digitalisation of its justice system. With its broad and deep knowledge of legal procedures and the development of its RAE platform and Regsol, Aginco has achieved something unique. We see many other possible applications. At Cronos, we are therefore very pleased to step on board and support Aginco in every possible way to achieve its objectives in Belgium and Europe. "