Senior Software Developer

Fulltime, Freelance

your challenge

From requirement to effective solution

We understand that today just about everyone wants "solutions”. We only ask that you have the creativity to help further develop our RAE software. With your knowledge and experience on the one hand and our software on the other, we are sure to form the perfect team to meet our customer’s needs. Can you translate functional requirements into efficient, high-performance solutions? Welcome to our team!

a day in the life

of a software developer

You start the day with the technical analysis of new development. You find out if the RAE building blocks meet the demands of the functional analyst, and therefore, our clients. Since your code will affect the entire application, you take note of adaptations you foresee in the future. Before you will be able integrate your work into the existing code, you find out what consequences your approach will have to the platform. From there you customize the building blocks. At the end of the day, you discuss your technical analysis with your development lead. You set time aside over the next couple of days to write new code and integrate it into the platform.

you are

a sage

You have a degree in IT, and experience as an Analyst-Developer. You work mainly in a .net (C#) environment, and you know SQL. Experience with Sharepoint is a nice-to-have. If you've got a strong interest in business processes, we'd be over the moon!


Zwijnaarde (Belgium), remote


English, Dutch

Your Belgian colleagues are native speakers, so an understanding of Dutch is a necessity. If you can communicate with them in proficient English, that’ll work as well. Some basic knowledge of French and/or German might come in handy. Don’t worry, DeepL and some understanding colleagues will get you a long way.